CEPE - Coordenação do Ensino da Língua Portuguesa no Canadá


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1. Quality Education

You probably didnt know that Portugals oldest university dates from 1290, and is the ninth oldest university in the world. And in recent years, Portugal is the European nation that has made the greatest strides in learning and innovation. This amazing progress is reflected in the quality of education its universities offer.

2. Affordable Tuition

Portuguese university programs are extremely affordable. The average undergraduate tuition at a Portuguese college is around $ 1,500 per year. Plus, our universities have a wide selection of student housing available at very affordable prices.

3. A Genuine European Experience
Thousands of foreign students study in Portugal every year under the European Unions Erasmus student exchange program. That means there are lots of degree programs and courses taught in English, covering a wide range of subjects. The credentials and diplomas you earn at a Portuguese university are recognized throughout the European Union, which means that you can go on to study at any other university in Europe.
4. A Great Lifestyle

Portugal is one of Europes most affordable countries. Museums, cultural events, sports, and recreational facilities are all available for a fraction of what they would cost elsewhere. Thats when theyre not free of charge. Its also a very stable country where its safe to walk around.

5. A Gateway to the World

Portugal is not only an open doorway to Europe; it also boasts close ties with Africa and Brazil. This places it in a unique position for studying a wide range of subjects such as history, marine biology, oceanography, economics, law, comparative literature, medicine, engineering, architecture, and a host of other topics in the sciences, arts, and humanities.


6. The Way to Learn Portuguese

Ask your friends what European language has the most speakers after English and Spanish, and theyll probably answer French or German. Wrong! Portuguese is the third most widely-spoken European language. And studying in Portugal will give you the chance to learn the language and explore the culture, economy, and history of the nearly 200 million people in the Far East, South America, Africa, and Europe who use one of the most important languages of the 21st century.

7. Hospitality and a Great Climate

Portugal has a mild Mediterranean climate with over 3,000 hours of sun per year. So its the perfect place to spend lots of time outdoors biking, hiking, sunbathing, or spending the afternoon in an outdoor cafe with friends. The Portuguese people welcome diversity and love meeting people from all walks of life. Wherever you travel, youll find a welcoming face and friends that will last a lifetime.

8. Sports and Culture

Over the years Portuguese universities have spawned hundreds of clubs and associations that foster sports activities and creative pursuits in the arts. If its a sport youre interested in, or literature, drama and music, youre sure to find a club with people who are excited about sharing their interests.


9. Breathtaking Landscapes

Portugal is famous for its 1,200 km of coastline. But within a short distance of wherever you are, youll find farmland and vineyards, mountains, valleys, and plains that stretch on for miles. The countrys pristine beaches are ideal for surfing, sailing, and swimming, while the interior holds stunning landscapes just waiting to be explored.


10. Old and New World Charm

Portugal is where the enchantment of the old and the thrill of the new strike a perfect balance. Its a place where award-winning works of contemporary architecture coexist with picture-book castles. As a country of many cultures and over 800 years of history, weve learned to welcome our foreign guests with friendship and hospitality.